Closed until April, then for the weekends only

Go Solo. Your boat, your rules.
Upgrade to the kayak experience for just $11 extra.

Simple to paddle, yet more stable than a canoe.

No special skills are needed. Blue River is a
Class 1 stream and our kayaks are simple to paddle. Sitting lower on the
water means that a kayak is harder to tip over than a canoe.

Kayaks are just more fun.

Kayaks have become an increasingly popular way to experience Blue River.
We offer both “sit in” and “sit-on-top” one person kayaks. Models such
as Jackson, Vapor, Crickets, and Riviera.

Already own your own? Bring it.

For just $20 we’ll haul your craft to the put-in location (upper river
trips) or hall it back to Milltown (lower river trips).
Learn more about bringing your own craft

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