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Water to Wine

Quick Details

  • Rentals
    • Kayaks: 1 Person per Kayak
    • Tandem Kayaks: 2 people per tandem kayak
    • Canoes: Must have 2 people per Canoe. One child 3-12 can ride in the MIDDLE of the canoe free if Water levels allow. Child MUST BE at least 30 lbs.
  • Hauls – Bring your own boat
    • Haul Kayaks & Haul Canoes: Bring your own boat! Price is per boat
  • Add-ons
    • Wine Tastings
    • Wine Tastings with Charcuterie Board
Kayak 1 Person per Kayak
Canoe Must have 2 people per Canoe
Haul Kayak Bring your own boat! • Price is per boat
Haul Canoe Bring your own boat! • Price is per boat • PLEASE NO ALUMINUM CANOES
Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting with Charcuterie Board

Enjoy Your afternoon kayaking till ending early evening with wine and chilling music of a local band here in Milltown, Indiana.

Guests can enjoy a late afternoon float at their own pace, ending early evening. Enjoy wines brought to you by Best Winery, having a picnic style charcuterie board (meat & cheese or cheese & fruit) while listening to Taking Back October, a local band.