April 03, 2005

Rain Offers Silver Lining

River Level

Weeks of rain do indeed offer a “silver lining”: incredible canoeing
levels on Indiana’s Blue River, Indiana’s first scenic and natural
river. The lower Blue flows through Indiana’s newest State Park,
O’Bannon Woods State Park, near Corydon Indiana. This section of the
Blue River has natural springs feeding the waterway, including Harrison
Spring, Indiana’s largest natural spring.

The lower section of the Blue River is especially “rural” with few
houses along the river, plenty of high rock bluffs and, of course, the
Blue’s signature “canopy” of trees to paddle and relax without getting

Ready. Set. OPEN.

The canoeing season on our Blue River opens April 30th, with rentals
available from the Milltown base. The Blue River drains much of southern
Indiana’s extensive cave area. Springs flowing from the high limestone
bluffs along the river are now running full. Operators of Marengo Cave
National Landmark and Wyandotte Caves report the stalactites are again
dripping at both caves.

Cave Country Canoes offers half-day or full-day trips to make memories
with your family. The Milltown base has served the Kentuckiana area for
over 30 years on the upper section of the Blue River.

Blue River Country

This region includes 15 counties bordering the Ohio River. The state
tourism department has tagged this area “Indiana’s River Country” in
recognition of its’ outstanding waterways. The most pristine tributary
is the Blue River, Indiana’s first scenic river. The Blue is highly
regarded by canoe enthusiasts as one of Indiana’s premier paddling

The whole purpose of a family vacation is to relax, have fun and make
positive family memories. Canoe adventures make a great “close to home”
adventure for those looking for family friendly “one tank trips”.