Excellent last week-end for canoeing. The temps 74 degrees, water level is great, leaves are at their peak colors. Come out before it is too late!!!

Go Solo. Your boat, your rules.
Upgrade to the kayak experience for just $7 extra.

Empty Kayak

Simple to paddle, yet more stable than a canoe.

No special skills are needed. Blue River is a Class 1 stream and our kayaks are simple to paddle. Sitting lower on the water means that a kayak is harder to tip over than a canoe.

Kayaks are just more fun.

Kayaks have become an increasingly popular way to experience Blue River. We offer both “sit in” and “sit-on-top” one person kayaks. Models such as Jackson, Vapor, Crickets, and Riviera.

Already own your own? Bring it.

For just $16 we’ll haul your craft to the put-in location (upper river trips) or hall it back to Milltown (lower river trips).
Learn more about bringing your own craft