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Mystical Unknown Territory
This story is from Rachel Stump from Louisville, KY

I’d been to cave country canoes several times over the years to canoe, an always had a great time, but last year a couple guys from work asked me to go on a Tuesday. They informed me it was rent one get one free every tuesday. I reluctantly agreed, a little nervous as I’d never been in a kayak. The guys did the 14 mile trip in 4 1/2 hours which was definitely not my speed. I declined the offer to go with them the following week and gathered my own group to go. At our own pace.

I enjoyed a wonderful kayaking season in 2010. From that first Tuesday, I missed only one all summer. I remember one day in particular we were doing the 7 mile twice (for exercise purposes). It was unbearably hot and I was so tired. We dropped the boats in the water for the second time and I thought I wasn’t gonna make it. Very soon though, we heard thunder. Then came the rain. On such a hot day, the rain transformed the Blue river into mystical unknown territory. It appeared we had been transported to a land far far away. The friends that were there that day still talk about it. Kayaking is the only activity I know enhanced by random downpours!

I’m happy to say that the Tuesday discount that started my kayaking has started a new way of life for me. I spend every Tuesday that the rental center is running the 14 mile trip kayaking the blue river. All other Tuesday’s are spent hiking or biking, feeding my mind, body, and soul with the outdoors. Dirk, my friend and kayaking partner, looked at me on the last trip last year and said, “thanks so much for inviting me along that first time. I didn’t know it was gonna change my life!”.
In my 350+ miles on the blue I’ve seen otters, deer, snakes, enormous fish, and heron. Early spring brings the most wildlife out.

The staff is always courteous and efficient and I’ve never had a bad experience.